As of the 2021 edition, we have changed the size of the Vertical Calendar. The new calendar is 8" wide and 24" tall. We do not produce or sell the original size any longer.

We believe this new version is still a great product. It's not quite as big as the original but the new bound-hangup and perforated tear-off is an improvement over the loose-sheets of previous years. It makes the end of each month smoother to transition.

The calendar is bound at the top and has is perforated for easy tear-off.

Why did you change it?

Trust us, this was not something we wanted to do. We made the original 12x36" Vertical from 2011-2020. A combination of rising costs and not being able to find production partners that could properly assemble the calendar made it necessary to make changes to not discontinue the product altogether.

Multiple Page Hang-up

Many of you like to hang up multiple months at once. That's still very possible! Just tear off the months you want and use our Hangup Sets as you would have before.

See the Vertical Calendar